OPMTix annual meeting, 8, 10 and 11 january 2019

The annual meeting of the project took place on 8, 10 and 11 January, 2019 at Irstea Nogent-sur-Vernisson. These days were an opportunity to review the past year in terms of management and maintenance and also to discuss the scientific aspects: the scientific studies done and those planned and to discuss new experiments or new collaborations to develop.

The following scientific works were presented:

Growth and productivity

  • “Determining the link between density and productivity of forest stands in a context of climate change. Application to two tree species: Quercus petraea and Pseudotsuga menziesii ” by Maxime Brière. Thesis project 2019-2021 supervised by Eric Dufrêne (UMR ESE)
  • “Transmitted light as a tool to monitor tree leaf phenology and development applied to Quercus petraea” by Thomas Pérot (Irstea)

Resources use

  • “First approach of water balance for soil with temporary water table on the OPTMix plots” by Philippe Balandier (Irstea). master 2 traineeship of Jérôme Tricaud (university of Aix-Marseille).
  • “Responses of sessile oak and Scots pine to water stress according to stand composition and stand density” by Jordan Bello (Irstea). Thesis project 2016-2018 supervised by Nathalie Korboulewsky (Irstea) and Patrick Vallet (Irstea)
  • “Soil carbon and cycle” by Nathalie Korboulewsky and Lucie Vincenot (ECODIV, Irstea university of Rouen Normandie)
  • “Impact of stand density on soil organic matter dynamics” by Gaëlle Vincent (UMR ESE)


  • “CLIMATICK Project” by Isabelle Lebert (INRA)
  • “Ecological characteristics of forest stands promoting
    an invasive alien species, Campylopus introflexus (Bryophytes)” by Yann Dumas (Irstea)
  • “Dung beetle communities and dung fungi in forest ecosystems grazed by large herbivores” by Christophe Baltzinger (Irstea)

Forest understory dynamics

  • “Role of bryoflora in the forest interaction network: implications for the coexistence of woody plant species” by Laura Chevaux. Thesis project 2019-2021 supervised by Anders Marell (Irstea) and Philippe Balandier

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