Visits on OPTMix

On Thursday, October 18th, two groups visited the OPTMix device:

  • in the morning: 36 students from the Mesnières Forest High School in Normandy. For the occasion, Richard Chevalier (Irstea) who was their contact, was present to welcome them and present Irstea.
  • in the afternoon: about fifteen people from the regional CNPF, mainly the Presidents and representatives of the various CNPF progress groups. The group took the opportunity to thank Eric Sevrin for his work and to wish him good luck in his new position at the IDF.

These groups exchanged with:

  • Sandrine Perret for the silviculture topics,
  • Camille Couteau for the metrology topics,
  • Yann Dumas for the biodiversity topics,
  • Nathalie Korboulewsky for the topics about water and mineral resources use.



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