Maintenance of data loggers and sensors

A total of 22 dataloggers and 494 sensors are continuously operating on OPTMix plots. A maintenance operation of the dataloggers and sensors was carried out from 2018-09-11 to 2018-09-14. The purpose of this operation was to review all the sensors returning abnormal data in order to identify the origin of these anomalies (defective sensors, connection problems, datalogger or multiplexer problems) and to make the necessary operations to correct them.

Of the 27 anomalies resolved, 17 corresponded to a malfunction at the multiplexer level (2 multiplexers replaced), 6 corresponded to a wiring problem and 4 corresponded to an error in the database of the dataloggers and sensors (no sensor).

Of the 9 unresolved anomalies, 8 correspond to a malfunction of the sensor (2 thermocouples are permanently out of order) and one corresponds to a multiplexer malfunction.

Of the 8 sensors that malfunctioned, 4 were removed (2 automatic piezometers and 2 automatic dendrometers) to repair them.

Defective sensors will be replaced soon.


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