A new thinning in the experimental plots

Two stand densities are tested in the OPTMix device: a low density with a Relative Density Index (RDI) around 0.4 and a medium density with a RDI around 0.7. For the mixture there is also a third modality without thinings (for more details see here). A first thinning was carried out between 2013 and 2015 which makes it possible to reach the target densities for most of the plots. Nevertheless, for some plots this was not possible because the starting densities were too high. A new thinning should therefore take place this winter to reach the definitive densities of the experimental device.
In a first step a complete plot inventory was carried out to precisely determine the situation before thinning and to determine the number of stems to be removed to reach the target densities. In a second step, for all the plots, tree marking was carried out on cells of approximately 5000 m² so as to obtain a density as homogeneous as possible at the plot level.
The thinning will be carried out during this winter with the help of the National Forest Office.

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